41 Movie channels

AFTV 1Adventure movies.USA [a-l]500KQuick Time Player
AFTV 2Classic Movies.USA [a-l]300KQuick Time Player
AFTV 3Classic movies.USA [a-l]500KQuick Time Player
AFTV 4Horror movies.USA [a-l]500KQuick Time Player
AFTV 6Sci-Fi movies.USA [a-l]500KQuick Time Player
AFTV 7Sci-Fi and Horror movies.USA [a-l]300KQuick Time Player
AFTV 9Comedy movies.USA [a-l]300KQuick Time Player
AFTV 10Comedy movies.USA [a-l]500KQuick Time Player
AFTV 11Crime movies.USA [a-l]500KQuick Time Player
AFTV 12Mystery movies.USA [a-l]500KQuick Time Player
America FreeWeb TV with Classic Movies, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Independent Films and more.USA [a-l]websiteQuick Time Player
AXNMovie TV channel.Romania150KWindows Media Player
BigpondClips of sports highlights, music, movie, game news and trailers.Australia371KWindows Media Player
Canal_21Movie and news station from Cascavel.Brazil100KWindows Media Player
CBL FilmMovie TV channel.Italy471KWindows Media Player
CCTV-6Movie TV channel.China991KWindows Media Player
Cine 5Movie TV channel.Turkey141KWindows Media Player
Clap TVMovies - short film - Celebrities - Live - documentaries.France371KWindows Media Player
Coming soon TVMovie TV channel.ItalywebsiteWindows Media Player
CQ moviesMovie TV channel.China619KReal Media Player
EgmondMovie trailers.Denmark523KWindows Media Player
Elisa TVRanging from karaoke videos to short films and children's cartoons.FinlandwebsiteReal Media Player
Espana FreeClassic Spanish films of the Spanish republic.USA [a-l]500KQuick Time Player
Hyp TVShort films.United Kingdom400KWindows Media Player
InraciMovie TV channel.France375KWindows Media Player
Jordan TVNews, entertainment, documentaries, cultural and educational programmes. It also includes feature films in English and news bulletins in English and French (sometimes broadcasting Al Jazeera).Jordan288KWindows Media Player
Kanal E TVFrom the city of Elazig; film, news, music. Not always online, TV-guide available on website.TurkeywebsiteWindows Media Player
Localia TVLocalia TV, a spanish TV local network, with more than 85 afiliates (movies, news, music, talkshows).Spain141KWindows Media Player
M1 TVNational TV with news , entertainment, music, film and sports. Not always online!Hungary100KWindows Media Player
M2 TVNational TV with news , entertainment, music, film and sports. Not always online!Hungary100KWindows Media Player
Mania TVPop culture, short films, talk shows.USA [m-z]500KWindows Media Player
Maxx-xsMovie Trailers.Netherlands1000KWindows Media Player
PETN MoviechannelMovie TV channel.Germany1000KWindows Media Player
ReelGood TVLive continuous stream featuring award winning student films.USA [m-z]391KWindows Media Player
Sify MaxPortal with recorded videos (news, movie, music).IndiawebsiteWindows Media Player
Thriller ClassicsMovie TV channel.USA [m-z]550KWindows Media Player
THVLMovie TV channel.Vietnam216KWindows Media Player
TV2 CinemaMovie TV channel.Cote D'ivoire247KWindows Media Player
View TVFilm trailers.United Kingdom1200KWindows Media Player
WPTV Movie TrailersMovie Trailers.Poland415KWindows Media Player
WSTVClassic movies, and made for TV movies from the 60's, 70's and 80'sUSA [m-z]273KWindows Media Player